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Elizabeth Norrington
03 February 2010 @ 08:27 pm
It had started off as a bad day and was rapidly getting worse. Elizabeth had gone to check on Johanna prompted by the fact that she had not seen her in days – which was unusual. She hadn’t been staying with them since Weatherby was born and they’ve moved back to the house even though Elizabeth had made it clear she was welcome. She suspected Johanna did not believe her now they were a small family, even though she did dote on Weatherby (and of course was better with him than Elizabeth.) She had come home and told James who had gone out to search the island – just in case.

Elizabeth had been left at home with Weatherby who had been in a temper all morning. Fussy and squirmy, he cried if put down and when picked up he pushed against her with his little arms and made small whining noises screwing up his face. Elizabeth tried bathing him which normally cheered him up and she tried putting him on his play mat which he normally loved. None of this helped. She was almost glad when it was time to nurse as she thought (quite ungenerously she knew) that at least he would be quiet while he ate.

But he wasn’t and he wouldn’t. He refused to nurse instead chewing on his small fist and rubbing his other hand against his cheek. Elizabeth did not want him to scratch himself so she pulled his hand away which only earned her much fiercer shrieks which went on and on and on.

Eventually she let him do what he wanted but it didn’t quiet him and his small face went red as he cried and cried and cried. He must be hungry she thought but was not the least interesting in nursing. It was the third or fourth time she tried that she noticed the heat of his face when she touched it and then felt like a fool for not noticing earlier. He was ill – no wonder he was so unhappy. Elizabeth sat down hard and held Weatherby close, trying not to feel panicked and when she couldn’t manage that, trying not to act panicked.

She had no idea where James might be – still looking for Johanna as he had been all day while Weatherby cried and Elizabeth completely failed to notice he was feverish because she was the worst mother ever. She would just have to go to the compound and find a doctor without him – but just then he stepped in the door, a somber look on his face confirming Johanna had gone. But Elizabeth didn’t even let him say a word. “Weatherby’s ill,” she said, her voice sounding odd even to herself. She should give him to James who was better at comforting but she didn’t – she didn’t’ want to let go of him. “He has a fever.”
Elizabeth Norrington
22 January 2010 @ 11:38 am
Mailbox for Elizabeth Turner
Elizabeth Norrington
13 January 2010 @ 10:12 pm
Elizabeth probably wouldn't admit it out loud but she appreciates having a bathtub in the house. Island present or not. It's not as good as a boat but it's pretty handy and Weatherby likes it too - he kicks and squeals and splashs and cries when Elizabeth lifts him out. She's still a little nervous of dropping him when he's wet and slippy. At four months Weatherby has grown and needs feeding less often though he eats more. Elizabeth sleeps a little more and doesn't feel as if she's constantly in a daze of childcare - even though James has always as much as she has - feeding Weatherby has always obviously been her responsibility.

Today however Elizabeth has slept well, Weather nursed without fuss and has been calm ever since and there is something new for them to investigate. The mat on the floor was not there last night. It's not very practical seemingly coloured a million shades of blue and all different textures. It has a curved bit of plastic attached with bits of fabric seaweed and small model fishes dangling off it. There is a bell and a bit that makes a small squeaky noise. "I rather think this is for you, Weatherby," Elizabeth tells her son. Weatherby sticks his fingers in his mouth and watches her. He's always watching her which Elizabeth generally takes to mean he's waiting to see what goes wrong now. But she crouches down and carefully settles Weatherby on his back on the mat. He then stares up at the small fish and reaches for them to no avail. He is burbling calmly to himself as he does and kicking his feet and then to Elizabeth's surprise in his attempts to reach up he rolls over. She expects he will cry but he doesn't - in fact he's smiling. And pushing himself up slightly as one hands carefully pats at the material under him. He coos to himself and then stops pushing himself up rubbing his cheek against a bit of soft blue fur.

"Do you like that Weatherby?" Elizabeth said surprised and pleased that things are going so well. Normally by now she's upset him somehow.
Elizabeth Norrington
12 November 2009 @ 11:22 pm
"No," said Elizabeth, who has not really found the rec room to her liking or anything worth reading. "It's alright - we don't have to." She means to pick up the blankets and the book - not that she has read much of it but she does not think that because of any fault in the book. She couldn't concentrate. She doesn't get to though because the announcement that Weatherby is hungry apparently not only means she must feed him but it is to be her that conveys him back to their room. She takes him from James struggling to make him comfortable as he voices his hunger loudly and the wailing only gets louder as she moves. She's tried jostling him to comfort once today (it went badly) and so she just holds him tightly as they head for the stairs. This makes him squirm and cry and she cautiously rubs at his back the way she has seen James do but this only calms him enough to root at her breast. He gets a mouthful of her shirt and protests this indignity as loudly as he can.

When they are safely in compound room they've been assigned until they go home, Elizabeth attempts to have Weatherby nurse. He's so upset it takes a while for him to latch on and she is sure James must be judging her useless attempts at mothering. He finally does though and she feels foolish to be so relieved by it. "There now," she told him, restraining herself from asking, 'was that so hard?' He suckles hard and she can hear him swallowing amoung other soft noises he manages. His small face is tear stained and his green eyes closed as he concentrates on eating, one small hand opening and closing as he rests it against her breast. Like he is trying to hold on. Elizabeth can't help but suppose he is a very handsome child and looks very sweet. He is very sweet, she reminds herself - just mostly he is sweet for James, who is much better with him than she is.
Elizabeth Norrington
06 October 2009 @ 06:22 am
Elizabeth remembers vividly her worry that the child might come early. A worry because at least where she comes from such children tend not to survive and because it would mean the arrival of the child that much sooner when she was in no possible way prepared to deal with an actual child. Now just thinking about that worry seems like her body is mocking her. The date the child was due as such has come and gone and Elizabeth is still huge and swollen and hot and uncomfortable. Dr Keller tells her as matter of factly as possible that it is not perhaps unexpected for a first pregnancy to be overdue. Elizabeth just sighs at one more inconvenience There are various methods of trying to induce labour apparently and the only one Elizabeth even tries is spicy food. Which she likes but it only gives her terrible heartburn and pushes her no nearer to motherhood.

She doesn't really want to be a mother but she will admit at this stage it is an improvement on being pregnant forever which is what this currently feels like. She's barely spoken to James of late for she can't be civil and if she snaps he does not argue back - he wavers between leaving her to it or trying to be vaguely soothing. She thinks he worries for what will happen when the child is here and that she might have finally shattered his rather determined illusion that it will be different when the child is here. Part of Elizabeth feels vaguely guilty but then she can't change that she doesn't want this. And she doesn't mean to pretend. That doesn't help anyone.

In the end it's one of the night she can't sleep, or lie comfortable or even go for an whole hour without needing to get up and use the bathroom that something finally feels different. An ache in her back at first - not that her back doesn't always hurt but this is different, sharper and then her whole belly seems to cramp. She gets out of bed and it goes away but comes back before long. She doesn't wake James. She does feel his sleep deserves disturbing as much as hers but he'd only fuss over her. She ends up leaving their room and wandering to the rec room wrapped in an oversized dressing gown she wrangled from the clothing box sometime ago and she paces there for a bit. The sensation comes and goes and gets worse as it does. In the end she dozes a little on the rec room couch feeling better sitting up than she does lying down.

James finds her in the early morning and is concerned and she finally admits something is happening. Though she isn't sure what and her water has not broken. James asks her other questions some of which relate to the things Dr. Keller told her to look for - this only annoys her further. In the end she goes back to bed and sends him off to New Atlantis to fetch the doctor. She is glad for a moment alone because this has her terrified and she does not want James to see. She is not entirely unprepared - as little as she paid attention to James collection of books on pregnancy and the care of infants, she did read the chapter on birth. When she was alone. It didn't really help. And she has spoken to Dr. Keller about it, but despite that and the numerous pregnancies on island (beyond numerous - there are babies everywhere to Elizabeth's mind,) she keeps thinking back to her childhood. And her mother and the fact she was an only child because her mother only once managed a full term pregnancy and live birth. Not that it means anything or is at all helpful to think on.

When Dr Keller arrives and confirms that the baby is on it's way, Elizabeth is at least grateful for the end of one ordeal. No more pregnancy. Birth is worse of course but much shorter. Or it's meant to be - but it's several hours after Dr Keller arrived and hours and hours since the pains started and Elizabeth's water still hasn't broken. Elizabeth is then encouraged to move about because it's better if it does break on it's own. She doesn't want to move - she barely slept the night before and she's barely dilated (though apparently the head is engaged and Elizabeth can only assume it's a good sign.) Sometimes it feels good to pace because she is angry and annoyed and hurting and sometimes she just feels so tired that she doesn't want to do anything. But this goes out all day and several times Elizabeth changes her mind between wanting James out of her sight and then wanting him here because if she has to do this he can at least witness it. He never goes far at least and she should perhaps care more for his own anxiety - but she doesn't. She can't imagine caring about anything but wanting the child out of her.

This goes on through the night and though Elizabeth tries to sleep between pains, she can't. She knows this is - if not longer than out of the realms of possibility for labour at least a long labour and that she is sure is not a good sign though she doesn't really pay attention to Dr Keller. She's entirely focussed inwards, on getting this done with. Somehow it is the next morning and Dr Keller is finally telling her to push - pushing sounds appealing at least for all she is more exhausted than she ever thought she would be. She wants the child out and away and she holds onto James's hand bearing down until something finally seems to have happened. Pain and pushing and sensations that she cannot describe or think on - except to wonder that anyone does this more than once. Then the baby is out. A small squirming quiet thing between her legs which she could see if she sat up but she doesn't want to sit up. She wants to sleep. It's not crying though and that's a bad sign and Elizabeth wants it to be alive. Vaguely. Selfishly in large part because she suspects otherwise James will want her to do it again. But it's moving and she remains utterly uninvolved as James and Dr. Keller reveal that the child was born in the caul. Distantly Elizabeth thinks that is good - lucky, the baby won't drown if you believe such things. And it's not dead, that's good. But she has to push out something else and she wants to go to sleep - she's had the baby why isn't she done. But then she is and James is leaning over her with the baby and she keeps her hands tightly by her side so he can't make her hold it. But then Dr Keller takes the baby off him to do something and she lets him sit by her reaching for his hand. "I'm tired," she said quietly. If they could all just leave - Elizabeth is sure she could deal with the baby once she's had some sleep. But then something does occur to her, "boy or girl?" She probably should know at least that much about her child.
Elizabeth Norrington
Elizabeth turns in her sleep, the babe was kicking her again and she groaned unhappily trying to cling to the vestiges of sleep knowing how impossible it was. The child was also sitting on her bladder and she sat up with a scowl only to be greeted with an unfamiliar sight. Well not entirely unfamiliar – but certainly unexpected. She was in the cabin of a ship – one decorated quite opulently in a style she had come to almost recognise. A mismatch of stolen luxuries that fairly screamed pirate.

She struggled out of the bed and made use of a handy chamber pot – there was no movement at all to show they were at sea and that plus the décor revealed where she was. Shipwreck Cove. She'd come back and now she was going to have to raise this baby on her own. She didn't know whether to scream or cry and perhaps she might have done both if not for movement outside the cabin – she wasn't alone.

She rifled around and found some clothing that fit – of course in her current state there was no hope of breeches and she found she was glad of the loose style of oriental clothing. There might have been nothing that fit otherwise. She picked up a sword knowing she would be worse than useless in a fight but not willing to just give in.

It might even be someone she knew depending on who survived the battle with the East India Company – and if not well she was Pirate King. She doubted there had been an expectant King before but there was a first time for everything.

She opened the door into another cabin – similarly decorated in eclectic fashion. It had a window looking out on the haphazard city of shipwrecks. “Hello?” she called, there was a strong smell of rum in the room and so slightly hopefully she called, “Jack?” Though that was ridiculous – the pirates all stank of the vile drink.
Elizabeth Norrington
28 July 2009 @ 01:04 pm
Elizabeth still finds pregnancy very uncomfortable but since they moved to the compound at least it's cool. She would rather be at home but it won't be for long she tells herself. Just two more months and the baby will be out of her. Not that she is particularly looking forward to getting it out of her or knows what she will do when it is. But she will be glad to have her body back. She had half hearted plans to go and look for something from the shelf but there is a knock at the door. She knows it will be Johanna because no-one else ever comes to see her and James is sailing today.

She manages to summon a smile for Johanna who has been even more self conscious ever since she had been change by the island. Probably because of the hair cut. She'd been very upset about the hair cut, Elizabeth could understand the fuss a little - even when she'd pretended to be a boy she hadn't cut hers off, merely bound it up. She offers Johanna a seat and shifts a little as the child kicks. "How are you?" she asks before Johanna can ask her. She might end up being very honest about the horrors of pregnancy and traumatise poor Johanna.
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Elizabeth Norrington
02 May 2009 @ 11:53 pm
Elizabeth felt overheated and uncomfortable when she woke from sleep and then she realised why. She was pressed so closely against James she could barley breathe and the child was moving in her again. Again. When had it started and then she remembered, she remembered everything she had done and said over the last three days and she thought she might actually vomit. Singing, sewing, childminding and crying. Constantly.

She pushed herself away from James barely able to keep her temper. He stirred slightly as if relieved and she could not blame him. She'd been unbearable for days and had fought any attempt he made to get away by threatening him with tears - or once he had convinced her that tears were bad for the baby - she had merely pouted.

The child is still moving rapidly within her and she shoots a poisonous look at the swell of her stomach. "Stop it," she hisses but it has no effect and why should it.

In the end she curls in on herself, staring at the wall and wanting nothing more than to go back to sleep and deny all of this ever happened. Which would be easier if James were not sleeping peacefully beside her. She kicks him to encourage him to first wake - and then leave.
Elizabeth Norrington
30 April 2009 @ 08:01 pm
The house isn't really prepared for a baby which Elizabeth would have to make sure she rectified - September was not that far away. But she had managed to get most things she would need at the compound and she could not deny that she was more than thrilled to help out dear Jeyne by watching over darling Reynald. She had found clothing that would fit if he would need it and cloth napkins. It concerned her a little that she had no idea how long that she was meant to watch Reynald for. Not that she minded at all but she did mean to reassure the infant that his mother would not be long - however she was wary of telling the sweet little boy an untruth so she sang to him instead and promised she would take very good care of him.

He was a very good baby and he hardly squalled at all, spending most of his time peering up at Elizabeth and occasionally yawning. She did wonder if he found her appearence puzzling - though she was sure the bond between mother and child was strong enough he knew she was someone else. That and the fact that Elizabeth was deficient in one very important regard. Fortunately the clinic had provided formula and a vessel for feeding the sweet little boy as Elizabeth had some months to go before she could nurse a child herself. He took poorly to the strange milk from the compound but Elizabeth could not let him go hungry and after he was fed, she walked back and forth with him after making soft comforting noises and humming under her breath.

She had made up a small bed for Reynald in their bed by stacking pillows to make a baby sized space he could not escape. (Though she had his basket too, of course.) However she was sure that if he did fall asleep she could not bear the though of putting down the soft warm weight of a content baby and she would hold him in her arms anyway. She didn't want to put him down.
Elizabeth Norrington
27 April 2009 @ 10:29 pm
Elizabeth had really considered just staying home after her encounter with Johanna. She couldn't imagine what had come over her young friend that she had become so uncouth and improper and enamoured of things that Elizabeth frankly found quite shocking. Swords and fierceness and tree climbing. It was unnerving. What had eventually coaxed her out of the house was the fact that she really did need to make a start on making things for the baby and she had said to James that she would. The last thing she wanted was to disappoint him when he arrived back from the Dawn Treader and so she had slowly made her way to the compound, not speaking to anyone who looked disreputable. (Which was of course everyone.)

She had found some suitable material in the basement and even some ready made baby clothing that was quite darling. Now she found herself standing in front of the bookcase looking for pattern books of some sort. Instead however it had given her the most adorable thing. A book full of pictures of infants sleeping in flowers and it was the most darling thing. Elizabeth found herself fascinated by it, standing there cooing at the pictures when she was distracted by the sound of someone else in the room and she looked up in case it was someone improper and she would have to leave. But it wasn't, it was Jeyne Stark, who was a very proper young lady - if a somewhat odd acquaintance and even better she had her son, who Elizabeth remembered was a darling darling boy. "Hello," she said beaming wide at them both before taking the chance to coo at the baby. "He's so perfect," she told Jeyne. "You're so lucky." She rubs at her stomach, "I simply can't wait until I have my own little one. September seem so far away!"